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The air a person normally breathes contains approximately 21 percent oxygen. The concentration of oxygen delivered to a victim through rescue breathing is 16 percent.  A condition known as hypoxia (insufficient oxygen to the body) can occur if a person goes without adequate oxygen for an extended period.


Controlled Response Services Emergency Oxygen Administration course is ideal for lay and professional rescuers and teaches how to administer oxygen during an emergency. The program can be taught as a stand-alone course or as a supplement to basic and BLS for Healthcare Provider training.


The administration of oxygen during an emergency may prevent damage to vital organs. A student will learn:


  • When to use emergency oxygen and how it may help

  • Set up and delivery with various delivery devices

  • How to use oxygen during bag-mask ventilation

  • The risks associated with use and storage of oxygen

  • Safe storage and handling of oxygen

  • How to use oxygen with advanced equipment

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Controlled Response Services offers training that works with your schedule. Our team can come to your office, home, church, or anywhere to meet your needs. We can accommodate a single individual or a group of 300. 

Our goal is to make sure that you and the ones you love are protected in any emergency situation.

The target audience for Emergency Oxygen Training is as varied as the audience for CPR/AED and First Aid training. Some of the common uses include:

  • Emergency response providers

    • First responders, EMRs, EMTs, Paramedics

    • Firefighters

    • Corrections/public law enforcement

    • Nurses and doctors

    • Lifeguards

    • Ski patrol

    • Public safety responders

  • Employees with a duty to respond

    • Athletic trainers

    • Flight attendants

    • Hotel hospitality

    • Security

  • Industrial/Corporate Emergency Response Team

  • Employees in hazardous environments

    • Divers

    • High altitude locations

    • Mines

  • Any company with oxygen cylinders onsite

If you are looking to be trained for the first time or to just get recertified we would love to help. Contact us to schedule a training. In order to meet the needs of our clients our team now offers a great variety of self-guided online learning as well as hands-on skills training. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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